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 blackrock_200.jpg BlackRock has emerged as a clear leader in the financial turmoil of 2007 and 2008. This is evidenced most emphatically by its involvement in US government-backed initiatives to deal with the crisis. For example, in October the Federal Reserve chose the company to manage a $30bn (€23.5bn) bond portfolio from the troubled Bear Stearns. Judges duly noted this, as well as the success of its integration of Merrill Lynch Investment Managers (MLIM) following the sale of MLIM by Merrill Lynch, which catapulted BlackRock into the big league. The joining of these two firms allowed BlackRock to knit together diversified products across asset classes in both traditional and alternative investments, covering institutional strategies and retail funds. Over the past 22 months the firm has built on its foundation through expansion into new product areas and markets as well as consolidation in existing markets. While the near future may continue to be stormy – BlackRock has announced job losses – the firm says it is fully committed to the European region and will double its efforts to help and support clients through this difficult period. “They have done a great job of integrating MLIM,” said one judge. Another added: “BlackRock has come out of the credit crunch very well.”
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Also shortlisted ... Aberdeen Asset Management
Aberdeen has been one of the few asset managers to report positive net inflows during what has been a volatile period for markets and investors. For the nine months to 30 June 2008 the company reported net inflows of £1.4bn (€1.6bn). It has also been on the acquisition trail, particularly in property. Barclays Global Investors
Established over 30 years ago, Barclays Global Investors is today one of the world’s largest fund managers. Known widely as a large passive investor, BGI does in fact provide more choice than this when it comes to investments. Its offering includes pooled and segregated funds focusing on active, index and asset allocation strategies as well as services including liability-driven investments, currency strategies, cash management, securities lending, hedging strategies and transitions. “They’ve done a great job of diversifying their business,” noted one member of the judging panel. JO Hambro Capital Management
“This is a very well managed firm,” noted a judge. “It’s a good firm with good performance.” A  boutique equity investment house, JO Hambro Capital Management is geared towards performance rather than asset gathering with a very active management style. The firm is dedicated to managing funds and segregated portfolios for investors seeking proven, experienced fund managers who set and adhere to their own style and investment process.

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