Discern and diversify – Asian bonds increasingly sought for better diversification

Eastspring_Whitepaper_Survey_coverEastspring Investments is one of the largest fixed income managers in Asia. Throughout its 20-plus years of investing in Asia, Eastspring has provided its clients with customised investment solutions amid the significant increase in the breadth and depth of both the local and foreign currency denominated Asian bond markets. While Asian bonds have developed into an important and established asset class, Eastspring believes the markets are still under-researched and offer many compelling opportunities which skilled managers can exploit.

With this in mind, Eastspring conducted a survey to find out if investors globally are aware of the opportunities offered by this growing fixed income universe. Close to 200 institutional and wholesale respondents across Asia, Europe, and North America were surveyed on their attitudes and appetites for Asian fixed income. Many new insights have surfaced, and the distinctions across the regions are particularly striking.

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