The Alternative Asset Investment Puzzle

Discover how European-based asset owners are solving their alternative investment challenges

As European asset owners continue to boost exposure to alternative assets, they are drawing on a variety of approaches to solve their challenges.

Northern Trust’s latest white paper draws on live survey data to examine these challenges and explore the benefits and various approaches to accessing alternatives.

Active is: Dynamic diversification with managed futures

Enhance returns and reduce portfolio volatility

US equities Spotlight

With the domestic growth engine stuttering in Europe and Brexit looming, we’ve all been casting envious eyes over the pond at the seemingly smooth acceleration of the US economy.

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DataTech: Optimizing Data and Technology Innovation in Fund Servicing

Learn how Data and Technology Innovation are transforming the Asset Management back office.

10 Commandments for Premia Investing

Overcoming the diversification challenge. 10 rules for constructing a robust premia portfolio with stable performance.

Driving risk adjusted return on capital

Can Investment Managers and Actuarial Teams Connect to Drive Growth?

Explore the benefits of a connected and mutual approach to insurance liabilities to drive better outcomes in terms of returns on capital allocated.

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Exchange-Traded Funds and Fragmentation

Flexible, transparent and with low fees, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have a broad appeal. But there are challenges involved with this kind of fund, which is why Funds Europe, in association with Clearstream, chose the subject for the second in a series of research reports, ‘What’s next for funds’, about the future of the funds industry.

Debt Funds: Sustainable Differentiation in a Growing Market

In this report, BNY Mellon looks at the challenges and opportunities for investors and managers, focusing in particular on the operational requirements that underpin successful business models.

Collateral Solutions for a Changing Market

This white paper explores a range of innovative solutions that can help financial institutions and institutional investors meet today’s collateral challenges.

Seeking Effective Diversification Amid Rising Correlations

How our multi-asset investment process seeks effective diversification by diversifying risk across several low correlated strategies.