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Macrobond Financial | Mar 25, 2021

Investment in residential real estate, along with property prices, typically rise and fall in correlation with economic growth and contraction. This short report highlights the countries whose residential real estate upended this trend during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The Henka Institute | Mar 3, 2021

FTS_Global_white_paperLeadership behaviours in the Funds Industry needs to change now!

Covid-19 has uncovered that individuals demand more from work than stability and security. They want connection, empowerment, trust and work-life balance.

The funds industry is starting to understand that it needs to embrace a more inclusive and collaborative Leadership style to engage with the workforce and move away from Command and Control.

Broadridge | Jan 26, 2021

Post-financial crisis, EU regulators hastily introduced a slew of new requirements and reporting obligations for asset management companies. Some of these new rules have created enormous challenges for the industry at a time when it is already facing a number of obstacles.

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Northern Trust | Oct 1, 2020

As COVID-19 compounds pressures and overturns assumptions, managers are considering outsourcing their trading desk as a potential solution

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Funds Europe | Sep 23, 2020

With asset owner, manager, service provider and consultant views, this report takes a 360-degree approach in considering the various investment opportunities and challenges in mainland China as it continues to build on the major theme of opening its onshore markets to the outside world.

Guernsey Finance | Sep 7, 2020

Private funds can drive the next wave of sustainable finance. Tim Hames outlines some of the key learnings from Guernsey’s 2020 Sustainable Finance Week.

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FE fundinfo | Apr 27, 2020

The question of ‘value’ has long been one which has dogged the investment industry. While for most investors, the performance of their portfolios and investments will remain their ultimate consideration, other factors are becoming increasingly important in relation to how and why they should choose a fund.

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Northern Trust | Nov 22, 2019

As industry pressures grow, how can investment managers continue to deliver value – and achieve Operational Alpha®?

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