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Research Reports » Temenos Sep 2019

Survival of the fittest

The global asset management industry is experiencing fundamental shifts that will shape its future. Industry revenues are slowing, operating margins are increasingly under pressure and divergence between winners and losers means that consolidation is inevitable. Only the strongest will survive.

At Temenos, our Multifonds fund administration software is used by the majority of leading fund administrators. It is therefore essential that we support our clients in understanding the concerns of their customers and peers, along with their plans for the future, enabling them not only to survive but also to thrive.

Digital is set to play a large part in this future. It has an increasingly important role in all our lives, including the management of our finances. This trend is set to continue. Fund administration is no different. Without imminent digital transformation and the right digital infrastructure, fund administrators cannot realise the optimum efficiency they require to succeed.

But it’s more than that. Having the tools and capabilities to innovate, and delivering the right products and services quickly, is key. However, what the market considers to be digital can vary and, as a result, their success will also be variable. This survey provides real insight into what digital truly means within the industry and how fund administrators will transform themselves to fit their need to be truly digital. In doing so, it will identify what is required to enable you thrive in this environment.

Ed Creswell, director, Temenos Fund Administration

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