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Britain’s economic outlook fears grow as yield curve inverts

New data published today has heightened fears around Britain’s economic outlook, with Britain’s yield curve “inverting” as two-year yields trade more than 0.15 percentage...

WisdomTree: Lack of investor understanding stunts UK retail adoption of ETFs

Just one in five, or 22%, of UK retail investors currently invest in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or exchange-traded products (ETPs), with education found to...

Opinion: Red flags that could be a ‘go!’ signal

Mark Clubb, executive chairman of Team plc, a financial services group, considers what opportunities arise from the current turmoil created by war in Europe...

Firms prepare for ‘worst’ recession in UK history

As the UK plunges into its worst recession on record, investors have voiced concern over the economic future of the country. Britain’s GDP fell by...