Roundtable & panel features

Asset servicing roundtable: Data journey

Mar 20, 2020

Luxembourg’s asset servicing specialists review the impact of digital transformation, the growth in private markets investment and the application of data science and AI.

Japanese roundtable: New opportunities in an ageing economy

Mar 13, 2020

Japan is famously reforming its economy and corporate practices. Our panel of experts – including Allfunds, M&G Investments, Fidelity and Sparx group – argue this could end the cycle of disappointment with Japanese equities.

VCC roundtable: Catching Singapore’s money and talent trains

Feb 19, 2020

Ahead of its launch in January, Funds Europe discussed Singapore’s VCC framework with panels in Frankfurt and Paris.

Roundtable: Where we’re at with risk management

Feb 12, 2020

The financial crisis and regulatory change have intensified the focus on risk management for a decade. Our participants reflect on the main changes to the risk landscape and how change has impacted long-term portfolios.

Roundtable: Sunshine and shade

Feb 03, 2020

Our securities lending specialists discuss recent priorities, routes to market, collateral eligibility, performance-monitoring, decision-making and technological advances.

Roundtable: Where does FX hedging sit in your development priorities?

Jan 08, 2020

Our panel of experts discuss approaches to share-class and portfolio FX hedging, management of FX data and analytics, advances in governance and oversight, and application of technology and automation to the FX hedging lifecycle. Bob Currie reports.