Roundtable & panel features

Luxembourg jurisdiction roundtable: Alternatives in the Grand Duchy

Mar 08, 2022

With the growing maturity of the AIF sector and the implementation of the Capital Markets Union, Luxembourg faces a changing landscape. our expert panel discusses these developments, and the growth of climate investing.

Luxembourg specialist fund administration roundtable: New frontiers

Mar 08, 2022

With investors allocating greater sums to private assets, we ask our panel of specialist fund administrators in Luxembourg about the great weight of institutional capital said to be heading their way.

Infrastructure roundtable: How Covid could benefit infra

Dec 15, 2021

Government spending at a time of economic crisis, as well as the heightened sense of ‘green’ investing, are both drivers for non-listed infrastructure investing. Another is the return of inflation.

China roundtable: ESG opens new doors for diversification

Nov 29, 2021

China’s capital markets have experienced considerable change. Equities in certain sectors have come under regulatory pressure, while China bonds are gaining greater index acceptance. All this coincides with China setting ambitious carbon-neutral targets for itself. Our panel explores the...

Cyprus roundtable: On the fast track to becoming a major cross-border hub

Nov 29, 2021

In just a few years, the island has rapidly grown as a centre of excellence for the fund and asset management industry, according to a Funds Europe roundtable in association with the Cyprus Investment Funds Association.

Investment trusts roundtable: A new lease of life

Nov 23, 2021

Investment trusts have been around for more than 150 years, but some of their attractions became more apparent in the pandemic. Our expert panel discussed the virtues of such products and how they can be communicated to investors.