Roundtable & panel features

Luxembourg Roundtable: In person in Luxembourg

Nov 10, 2022

Experts weigh in on key investment issues in Luxembourg, touching on private assets, ESG and regulation.

Roundtable: Private equity in a new decade

Nov 07, 2022

With interest rates rising, entry price and valuations in private assets are going to be the most essential factors for returns. This is something not many people in the industry have experienced, our private equity panel is told.

ESG roundtable: How to quell greenwashing

Oct 13, 2022

A recent Funds Europe roundtable discussed the need for transparency among ratings providers and how education can help drive progress for owners and managers to curb greenwashing.

The state of equity sustainable investing

Oct 07, 2022

At a recent Camradata roundtable, experts discussed how an attitude change among institutional investors over the past five years is driving momentum in sustainable investing.

CAMRADATA: China Roundtable

Oct 04, 2022

For most Western investors, two distinct means of accessing China exist: via the offshore market, notably Hong Kong, and the mainland via A-shares. There are noticeable characteristics to both routes. Many new-tech giants are headquartered off the mainland, while there is a preponderance of...

High Yield Roundtable: Credit’s no longer cheap

Sep 16, 2022

In May, Funds Europe’s parent company Camradata held a high yield roundtable that considered risk, ESG and investor searches. We reproduce it here.