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CSDR Report 2022

Settlement failures remain a feature of the post-trade landscape. Earlier this year, a system of punitive measures for settlement delays was introduced as part of the Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR). In other words, there are now daily fines for unsettled securities trades.

Although the CSDR aims for further harmonisation, its primary objective is to increase safety and efficiency for investors by forcing market actors – such as fund managers – to adopt greater settlement discipline to mitigate failure risk.

This survey report, in association with RBC Investor & Treasury Services, dives into the main issues of how firms can navigate the CSDR landscape. Among the key findings is an increasing need for technology among respondents as they seek greater ability to comply with the regulation. Investing in technology appears more important to asset managers than ever. The expense of this, however, could lead to an increase in larger-scale middle-office outsourcing as a means of gaining more value.

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