Operational Challenges - Asset managers must solve data challenges at scale

Ian Manocha, Gresham, Sibos 2022Ian Manocha, CEO of Gresham Technologies (a London Stock Exchange listed firm), explains that asset managers must solve data challenges at scale.

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What are some of the biggest operational challenges facing asset managers right now?

The effects of market volatility, rising interest rates to combat inflation and fee compression are affecting the asset management industry in immeasurable ways right now. Operational resilience, data quality and integrity are more important than ever in this environment – especially as firms face increased regulatory scrutiny.

The daily risk of loss events and service failures and their downstream impacts is one asset managers can no longer afford to take. Infrastructure complexity, inefficient post-trade operations and poor data quality make their businesses more expensive to run.

Asset managers need to be able to solve complex data challenges at scale and simplify regulatory processing. After all, as a smart man once said, ‘the measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year.’ If an asset manager’s data, operations and technology challenges are not solved now, then when?

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