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Amundi AM logoAmundi Funds Bond Global Aggregate continues to generate strong returns within its broad global bond and currency universe.


The London-based management team has posted a net annualized performance of +12.3% since inception¹, placing the Luxembourg domiciled sub-fund, 5 star-rated by Morningstar² at the top of the Global Bond peer universe. The Global Aggregate expertise further adds to the success of 20 years of Global Fixed Income management at Amundi.

“Amundi Funds Bond Global Aggregate is what we like to describe as a full cycle fund; we do not want to be a prisoner of any particular asset class, but to be independent and avoid any bias. This has enabled the fund to perform well under most market conditions, both in risk on and risk off regimes.”

Our macro-economic analysis results in top-down directional and relative value views on most developed and developing government & corporate bond and currency markets. The bottom-up sector, issuer and security selection leverages on Amundi’s strong in-house research teams based in Paris, London and Singapore.

Whilst strategic long-term strategies represent the majority of our portfolio’s allocation, short-term volatility present on financial markets also offers great opportunities. In fact, short-term tactical management continues to be an important source of returns.

Risk management is embedded in our investment process. Each position is evaluated by its contribution to portfolio risk. Drawdown management is part of our strategic outlook and is actively implemented through derivative instruments permitted within the Ucits framework. Liquidity is constantly monitored to honour the sub-fund daily liquidity.

The Global Aggregate team is located in Amundi’s London city office which is home to the group’s global developed and emerging sovereign, corporate credit and currency expertise.

“Global Aggregate is an ongoing and highly active allocation between different asset classes.We benefit significantly from the other teams feeding their expertise into the Aggregate process.The total is greater than the sum of its parts”.

The team has remained constructive on credit fundamentals through most of the year, reducing somewhat in Q2 as the periphery worries and the cyclical slowdown started to weigh on sentiment. Whilst remaining positive on the asset class, we have started to take a bit of profit after the September rally. Some issuers have become very expensive and specific risk has become asymmetrical, meaning that we will place even more importance on issuer selection going forward. However, we think that investors’ hunt for yield will continue as the prevailing low interest rate environment will be with us for quite some time.

SP chart1In this more constructive environment for risk, emerging currencies such as the Mexican peso, Malaysian ringgit and Russian ruble are attractive on both fundamental and valuation basis. Within developed markets, the US dollar remains a safe haven which will protect the portfolio in case of such an adverse scenario coming to pass.

On global bonds “safe haven” market yields should increase over the coming months.“To accommodate the changes in the drivers of global bond yields, we have downgraded our view on global duration in all of our portfolios, particularly via a reduction in the weight of US treasuries”.

Given the uncertainty, the team continues to be highly active tactically and makes full use of options strategies to enhance performance without increasing portfolio volatility.

Recent performances have been driven by credit spread compression and developed market currency strategies.

These convictions have enabled Amundi Funds Bond Global Aggregate to generate a positive performance of +31.39%1 (+15% compared to its reference indicator) over a three-year period. Find out more on

1. Data as at end of August 2012 in USD. Inception date 30 Oct 07. Amundi Funds Bond Global Aggregate does not offer guaranteed performance.

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