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Newscape specialist fund targets OECD countries

Exchange2Newscape has launched a specialist Ucits fund investing in currencies and interest rates of countries within the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development).

The Newscape Dynamic Rates and Currency Fund will offer euro, sterling, Swiss franc and dollar share classes. It is Ucits approved with daily liquidity.

The fund's proprietary quantitative model aims to identify trend, breakout, mean-reversion and general structural mispricing.

Philippe Bonnefoy, lead manager of the fund, chairman and chief investment officer, says the majority of participants in the currency market do not seek profits.

“Central banks, sovereign wealth reserve managers, financial institutions, importers, exporters and consumers primarily use the market to hedge or settle financial transactions,” says Bonnefoy. “This creates many opportunities for those investors seeking to gain from these inefficiencies.”

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