Aug 19, 2009

The sun is shining brightly this morning here at my personal HQ in Glasgow (I’m lying, of course), but in the European fund industry it is still somewhat hidden behind the clouds. That, at least, is what latest monthly figures from the fund research firm Lipper FMI suggest.

Aug 19, 2009

Shopping malls, infrastructure, timber: these have all been posited as lucrative investment opportunities in recent years. But while the idea of investing in art is as old as the hills, art works have as yet played hardly any role in the managed fund industry. New research from an assistant professor of finance at Maastricht University released last week suggests that could – and perhaps should – be about to change.

Jul 15, 2009

Is it just me or is everyone suddenly growing their own vegetables? I mention this because the current vogue for allotments and tomato plants in the window seems to me to represent a fundamental change of direction in our society.

Jul 02, 2009

I didn’t make it over to Monaco this year for Fund Forum, but I was told last week by an early escapee that, while numbers were down, the mood was “business as usual” – something which my interlocutor described as “worrying”. Indeed...

May 26, 2009

Does the recent equities rally constitute the next bull market or is it a false dawn? The answer is far from clear and many managers – BlackRock is an example from today’s post – are taking the opportunity to promote the absolute return funds.

Apr 15, 2009

“Today, enough of talking – it is time now to do,” said Tony Blair upon entering Downing Street in 1997 as the first Labour prime minister in the UK for 18 years. It all seems rather far away and we may argue until the cows (or indeed the Tories) come home about the Blair legacy. No matter, the sentiment expressed is surely valid, and within our own industry it could be applied most usefully to one of Mr Blair’s favourite hobby horses: education.