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Yves Perrier sees climate change from his own backyard

Climate_changeYves Perrier, the CEO of Europe’s largest asset manager Amundi, says Europe needs a “common, shared view” on energy policy as part of an energy transition.

He tells Funds Europe that Patrick Pouyanné, the chief executive of Total, is in agreement.

Perrier, who has seen glaciers deteriorate at France’s Chamonix ski resort near where he grew up, outlined plans for increasing Amundi’s climate finance and ESG strategy, saying this would include incentivising and stigmatising companies.

Perrier also speaks about offering Amundi’s in-house portfolio management system to third parties. The system, called Alto, is a potential rival to BlackRock’s Aladdin, the industry leader.

One of the first tasks Perrier took after the acquisition of Pioneer Investments was to lift Pioneer out of Aladdin and migrate to Alto.

“As an industry, we speak of dematerialisation, AI and things like this, but if you do not have real control of your IT, then you are not going to be able to manage the trend towards digitalisation efficiently,” Perrier says.

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