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US stock rise barely enough to lift confidence

USStocksInvestor confidence has nudged upwards with the State Street Global Investor Confidence Index increasing to 72.9 points, up 1.7 points from March’s revised reading of 71.2.

The rise was pulled along by North American investors, whose index reading went from 68.3 to 71.1 points.

In Europe and Asia confidence fell. The European index declined by 1.5 points to 86.7 and the Asia index decreased by 6.7 points to 92.9.

“While equity markets demonstrated strong performance in Q1, institutional investors continue to show limited change in their risk appetite and have remained largely reluctant to jump back into risky assets,” said Rajeev Bhargava, managing director and head of investor behavior research at State Street Associates.

US markets continued to rise in April as concerns about the economic and earnings outlook started to diminish. But Kenneth Froot, also of State Street, said: “It appears, however, that neither the rebound in equity prices nor the Federal Reserve's dovish shift are sufficient drivers to bring investors’ confidence into the risk-seeking territory.”

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