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UBP unveils sustainable thematic equity strategy

Union-Bancaire-PriveeUnion Bancaire Privée (UBP) has added to its equity range with a long-term thematic strategy designed to give investors exposure to a concentrated portfolio centred on four key trends affecting society and the global economy.

The Ucits fund is based on the idea that climate change, demographics, consumption patterns, and disruptive innovation will create favourable conditions for leading companies to thrive through development and adaptation, the Swiss private bank said.

According to Didier Chan-Voc-Chun, head of the fund’s team, thematic investing is emerging as an ideal tool in a world where disruptive innovation blurs the lines between countries, sectors, and industries.

The UBAM - Multifunds Secular Trends strategy, managed by the firm’s multi-management and fund research team, incorporates environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors with a focus on engagement and sustainability over the long-term.

It aims to be a “future-proof” portfolio by identifying themes including resource efficiency, clean energy, ageing populations, urbanisation, digitalisation, and water supply.

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