Third of sophisticated investors plan to increase ESG exposure

sustainable investmentsA survey of 1,200 UK investors with assets of around £100,000 (€111,148) found that 30 per cent of them plan to increase their exposure to sustainable investments over the next 24 months.

The findings, from green start-up investor Sustainable Ventures, also show that just 7% of “sophisticated” investors plan to decrease their exposure to environmentally-friendly investments over the next two years.

The survey follows the publication of research earlier this week which found that institutional investors who focus more on sustainability are more confident in achieving return targets than those who do not.

The survey also found that:
     •  31% of investors wish there were more investment opportunities in companies that are truly sustainable, and would prefer to invest in those whose products and services are designed to reduce a negative impact on the environment rather than companies which don’t have this purpose but which have strong sustainable credentials.
     •  Reasons for investors planning to increase their exposure to ESG include wanting to do more to support sustainable companies (53%); growing evidence that sustainable investments out-perform non-sustainable ones (38%); and a desire to diversify their portfolio from other asset classes.

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