The cost of Allfunds private equity access

Retailisation of private equityFund platform Allfunds said distributors and small institutional investors will be able to access private markets investments across the globe with investments of potentially €100,000 to €250,000.

The platform announced recently that it will aggregate investments from smaller investors into larger ‘ticket sizes’, which are normally required by private equity firms.

Fund manager BlackRock also made a similar move for clients in Europe in another sign of how private markets investments - usually the preserve of ultra-wealthy investors and large institutions with at least $5 million to invest - are becoming more accessible to smaller investors.

In BlackRock’s case, the firm will use aggregation to gain private-markets access for some of its clients, potentially for as little as €125,000.

An Allfunds spokesperson told Funds Europe that pooling is via feeder funds structured by iCapital Network. These feeders make investments in asset managers’ master funds. Funds are in Luxembourg, but also in domiciles such as the Cayman Islands.

“The key new element is that Allfunds clients will get access to private markets funds which are normally not accessible to them and typically require a high minimum investment. This will help Allfunds clients to build a sustainable private market investments portfolio diversified across premier managers, geographies, strategies and vintage years.”

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