Tech firms launch digital assets infrastructure

Digital_agreemetTwo firms say they have developed an exchange infrastructure for businesses to launch traditional, alternative and digital asset markets around the world.

The infrastructure that results from a partnership between Exberry, an exchange technology developer, and Digital Asset, which provides open-source smart contract language, means any business developing a new digital asset marketplace can launch "in a matter of days" with a fully-compliant, end-to-end exchange platform and a "near risk-free" post-trade settlement registry.

They say demand for trading new types of financial instruments and assets is "exploding" and is a trend developing across markets including private placements, equity, debt, physical commodities, cryptocurrencies, sports wagering, art, talent, and collectable market models.

The news comes in the week that the UK's Financial Conduct Authority approved a digital securities exchange operated by Archax.

In Exberry and Digital Asset's case, Exberry’s technology provides a "matching engine power" to run the exchange, while Digital Asset’s registry functions include the tokenisation of assets, creation of users, and the settlement of trades in near real time.

The firms say the cloud-deployed exchange infrastructure addresses limitations of current exchange technologies that typically lean heavily on message-based connectivity, significantly reducing cost and time to implement.