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Slowing growth likely to change hedge fund priorities, survey finds

SurveyConcerns over slowing economic growth could drive a shift by hedge fund investors towards global macro-managed futures strategies and fixed income and away from equity strategies in the year ahead, according to a survey.

The BarclayHedge MPI hedge fund investor survey of 116 institutional hedge fund investors and fund of hedge fund managers also found that:
     •  low correlation is expected to be the hedge fund characteristic that delivers the highest investor value in 2019.
     •  among newer hedge fund strategies, investors are considering allocating to, or implementing funds using artificial intelligence or machine learning.
     •  more than a third of investors think hedge fund allocations will increase in 2019.

More than a third (38%) of respondents listed slower growth as the biggest risk in 2019, a significant jump from March of last year, when 12% of respondents listed it as the top risk.

The two other top investor concerns for 2019 are rising interest rates (29%) and a stock market reversal (21%).

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