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Russia-Ukraine war has changed mindsets of 54% of investors

Investement_outlookMore than half of investors (54%) have become more conscious of how their money is invested since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to new research.

That is the conclusion of a new survey conducted by UK direct-to-consumer investment platform, Interactive Investor, among a sample of 2,058 visitors to its website earlier this month.

Lee Wild, head of equity strategy at interactive investor, said: “More than half of those who responded to our poll are now more conscious about the destination of their cash, and almost 39% are considering investing more in line with their moral values.

“There are signs that this is not a temporary trend, but a more permanent shift in attitudes.”

Interactive investor’s research showed the Russian-Ukraine conflict has affected investor behaviour beyond changing mindsets, as 55% of respondents said they are making some changes to their portfolio in response to the conflict.

Among the respondents, 42% also believed that the Russian-Ukraine war and its potential escalation poses the biggest threat to global stock markets over the next five years, ahead of inflation (23%).

Wild added: “Perhaps funds which have never considered the traditional Environmental Social Governance, or ‘ESG’, credentials are now having to face a new reality where, as agents of investors’ capital, they will have to consider more than just the direct financial impact, and risk, alone. We are all having to take responsibility for how our financial decisions impact the world around us.”

Other findings of the poll included 58% of respondents reporting that they are funnelling spare cash into UK-centric investments ahead of US (14%) and European (7%) offerings.

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