Pictet fund goes long/short on mispriced stocks

stock_market_investmentSwitzerland’s Pictet Asset Management has launched a fund that seeks to take advantage of mispriced stocks in developed and emerging markets.

The high risk long/short equity strategy combines top-down analysis with bottom-up fundamental research to select liquid companies offering the potential of decent returns. 

Matthieu Fleck, head of the PTR-Atlas Titan fund’s management team, said: “Global equity markets continue to be volatile, driven by increasingly short business cycles, ongoing uncertainty and distortions from unprecedented levels of central bank and government intervention.”

This environment of uncertainty forms the basis for the long/short approach of the risk-focused strategy, he added.

The Ucits fund aims to deliver mid to high single-digit returns with mid-single-digit volatility, according to Pictet. 

It is available in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finand, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain and Sweden. 

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