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Pan-European standardised asset information platform unveiled

Data_managementA research platform has been rolled out aiming to allow European institutional asset owners to share intelligence and insights on asset allocation activity and expected future investment allocations in a standardised data format.

The programme – called Project Louvre – gathers intelligence on the asset allocations of institutional investor members of the professional industry associations in 17 European countries, including Germany, the UK, and France.

The project will be coordinated by Munich-based data platform Insticube, which will collect and process data from the 17 European investment associations, generating reports that will be made available to all participating organisations and their underlying members.

Tim Brown, head of key relationships at Insticube, added: “By standardising and coordinating asset allocation information for the first time, institutional asset owners will be able to understand the investment choices being made by their peers in different countries, providing a basis for intelligent and more informed decision-making.”

Chaired by Jean-François Boulier, president of AF2i, the French investment industry association, the programme allows institutional asset owners within major European markets to access insights into the current and expected future asset allocation choices of similar investors in other countries, allowing them to benchmark their own investment activity.

Boulier said: “In an increasingly complex and challenging market environment, the ability for institutional asset owners to compare and benchmark themselves against their peers is hugely valuable.”

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