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Octopus Investments brings FUM to £4.6 billion

Increase graphOctopus Investments has increased its total institutional funds under management (FUM) to £4.6 billion – a £2 billion increase over the past 12 months. 

The firm conducted several notable fundraises over the past 12 months, including its care home strategy, which aimed to meet the needs of the ageing population, and mandates to ramp up investment in renewable energy infrastructure.

Octopus’ care home strategy raised over £400 million from investors including pooled and individual local government pension schemes and overseas investors from the Netherlands, Scandinavia, and Japan.

Meanwhile, the company’s investment into renewable energy infrastructure raised more than £800 million with hopes to allocate funds into projects across the UK and Europe.

The firm has ties to renewable energy, venture capital, sustainable infrastructure, healthcare real estate, and commercial real estate.

Octopus also increased its pool of global institutional investors by 50%.

Chris Hulatt, co-founder of Octopus Group, said: “Our client base has long been interested in private markets with a sustainable tilt, but we have seen a step change in commitments in the past year with additional capital being allocated to our strategies from investors across the globe. 

“Healthcare and renewables are two particularly dominant trends, with the climate crisis and global pandemic putting a sharp focus on the role for private capital to drive tangible, positive change against these themes.” 

The firm has additionally raised several priorities for 2022. 

This includes effective deployment opportunities for the global energy transition, encouraging investment into growth companies in the UK, and tapping into growing demand for UK private markets among Middle Eastern, Korean, and Japanese investors.  

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