Millennials committed to investing in post-Brexit UK

The UK’s Brexit vote was won by the older generation, revealing a generational split in attitudes to Britain’s EU membership. A similar split is now shown in attitudes towards investing in the post-Brexit UK.

Research indicates that more than half of young investors are committed to investing in the UK post-Brexit – more than triple those aged over 51, of which only 15% are more inclined.

Young investors remain confident about the performance of UK businesses – on average, 70% of additional retail investment forecast for 2017 will be committed to UK companies, according to the data from online investment platform SyndicateRoom, which surveyed over 1,000 UK retail investor.

The research also shows that despite continued uncertainty, young investors will be investing more this year than in 2016 and looking to take on a diverse portfolio.

UK investors as a whole find equities the most attractive asset class for further investment, ahead of bonds, commodities and other less liquid assets. Fifty-six per cent of investors opted for equities as the best bet, more than double than the amount of investors siding with bonds (22%).

This is again true for younger investors, with more than half (52%) of those aged 18-30 putting equities top of their list.

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