Millennial investors closely following stock market gains

millennial_investorsTrue to form, millennials appear glued to their screens. But this time it's to invest their way out of the Covid-19 crisis – or so data that shows a link between risk-appetite and age suggests.

Nearly 50% of millennials in the UK have made new investments to try and beat the market, yet between just 7% and 17% of older people took the same approach.

Overall, Calastone – a fund transaction network that produced the data – said investors worldwide remain undeterred by Covid-19.

Andrew Tomlinson, Calastone’s chief marketing officer, said it was encouraging to see renewed optimism led by next-generation investors - and the report highlighted that many investors bought markets cheaply and cashed in during rallies. 

Tomlinson said this signals that younger investors are actively seeking to grow their financial future in the near term with a healthy risk appetite. 

Over half of the 1,800 global investors surveyed have a positive view on the market, prompted by the pandemic to make active investments in light of the ongoing uncertainty. 

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