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Kas Bank partners with LGPS Central for cost transparency

PartnershipHolland’s Kas Bank – recently acquired by pan-European custodian Caceis – has partnered with UK fund manager LGPS Central Limited for cost transparency and reporting services.

LGPS Central Limited, one of eight public sector pension vehicles across England and Wales and responsible for the management and stewardship of around £20 billion (€17.9 billion) in assets, will be leveraging Kas Bank’s cost transparency solution and data analytical expertise in order to assist with collecting cost information across its range of investment mandates.

An important area of focus will be the “integrity and security of this cost data”.

Kas Bank will generate a cost report using its cost transparency dashboard, which will be accessible to LGPS Central and fund partners.

This partnership will allow LGPS Central to further tighten its governance standards and facilitate cost transparency on behalf of its partner fund investors, the company said.

Kas Bank’s cost transparency solution to UK funds was launched in 2017. The Dutch bank now partners with several UK pension schemes.

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