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JP Morgan and Bloomberg launch “streamlined” post-trading system

trading_bloomberg_JP_MorganJP Morgan’s Securities Services and Bloomberg have joined forces to create a product aimed at transforming the post-trade workflow through direct front-to-back process, product, and data integration.

The system combines Bloomberg AIM – an investment order management system – with J.P. Morgan’s back office technology.

The technology allows clients to achieve real-time post-trade workflows by centralising and “streamlining” operational processes and data integration within their existing Bloomberg AIM order management system.

Naveen TV, managing director in Securities Services, J.P. Morgan said: “One of the hardest challenges to solve in the streamlining of buy-side processes is interoperability with securities services providers.”

“This integration allows clients to reside within Bloomberg AIM and use J.P. Morgan as an extension of their operations through sharing of enriched transaction data sets and operational workflow.”

The product reduces manual touchpoints and provides increased transparency, thereby mitigating post-trade risks and costs.

It is the first of a series of ongoing front-to-back integration points between Bloomberg and J.P. Morgan’s Securities Services.

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