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Irish Association of Investment Managers appoints CEO

Micheal D'ArcyThe Irish Association of Investment Managers (IAIM) has appointed former Irish finance minister Michael D’Arcy as its new chief executive, replacing Regina Breheny.

In his new role D’Arcy will be responsible for re-setting the IAIM agenda and priorities following Brexit.

A statement released by IAIM said that D’Arcy would also focus on growing the presence of IAIM and the voice of investment managers and promote Ireland worldwide as a destination for investment management firms.

John Corrigan, IAIM chairman, said, “We are moving into unchartered waters in a post-Brexit environment, both domestically and internationally, and we believe Ireland has a once in a generation opportunity to make real changes and be at the very heart of new initiatives such as ESG and sustainable financing.”

D'Arcy said: “Brexit represents a unique opportunity to develop Ireland further as a credible leading investment management centre, with its attendant employment benefits.

"In that regard Ireland will need to continue to develop its skills base, and the promotion of education and training will be key in equipping students with the required skillsets, as will be the need to create a greater awareness among graduates and school leavers of the industry’s diverse employment opportunities."

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