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IQ-EQ launches hybrid funds desk

handshake teamGlobal investor services provider, IQ-EQ, has launched a hybrid funds desk to provide the growing market with a globally integrated team.

Hybrid funds, which provide fund managers with the flexibility to invest in a range of asset classes and combine both illiquid and liquid investment strategies, have become increasingly popular over recent years. 

However, according to IQ-EQ, the complex and non-standard nature of hybrid funds presents several challenges from admin perspective, which is what the hybrid funds desk has been established to directly address. 

The desk offers a full suite of services at the fund, asset and investor levels, combining the IQ-EQ's technical expertise with streamlined technology solutions.

Justin Partington, global head of funds at IQ-EQ, said “We have seen rising interest in hybrid funds – not just from fund clients but also from private wealth and family office clients who are interested in the flexibility, opportunities and returns that hybrid funds provide. 

"The Hybrid Funds Desk mirrors all the defining facets of hybrid funds, with the built-in flexibility needed to support complex structures. We are excited to be evolving our business alongside the industry and to maintain our position as the leading investor services provider globally.” 

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