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Interest rises for niche investments amidst uncertainty, study claims

alternativesAlternative niche investments such as rare coins and art have been gaining traction in online searches in the UK amidst the ongoing uncertainty, research claims. 

Although retail investors in the country showed the most interest in property as an alternative investment, which received nearly 10,000 online searches in June, other more “unorthodox” investments are growing in popularity, according to investment platform e-Toro.

Rare coins received 3,600 online inquiries – an increase of 177% year-on-year – while whisky was searched for 1,600 times over the month.

Gold also saw a 128% year-on-year increase, with 4,400 online enquiries last month, as investors considered the precious metal a safe haven to ride out market volatility. 

Other alternative investments which are gaining traction include silver (880), art (880), diamonds (320) and Lego (260), e-Toro found in its report, carried out using Google Adwords, which measures searches and key words used online.

Nevertheless, the figures paled in comparison to searches for more standard ways of investing capital, such as on the stock market. 

Stocks and shares received a total of 110,000 online searches throughout June, marking a 66% increase in year-on-year interest, according to the report.

Bonds were the second most explored traditional investment opportunity, generating 40,500 online searches, the equivalent of 1,306 online searches each day of last month. 

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