HSBC AM launches venture capital strategy aimed at financial services

venture_capitalHSBC Asset Management has launched a venture capital investment strategy that will focus on investing in companies that will participate in the “transformation” of financial services.

The strategy will provide exposure to companies which offer software or financial services to enterprises or institutions, the fund manager said.

The strategy will be run by Remi Bourrette, head of venture and growth investments, alongside Kara Byun, director of venture and growth investments, who joined HSBC AM in April last year.

Bourrette said HSBC AM was interested in the “tectonic” changes of the industry, especially when related to the role of finance in the economy and wider society.

“We believe the transition to ESG-driven finance will lead to the reinvention of many product lines creating a powerful tailwind for sustainability-native companies,” he said. 

“We also see wealth creation in Asia as an enduring trend that will benefit technology companies across wealth management, capital markets and insurance.”

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