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Henderson and Janus complete merger

Mergers_and_aquisitions1Henderson Group and Janus Capital Group announced the completion of their merger yesterday as shares in the combined company, Janus Henderson, started trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

The group will market its products as Janus Henderson Investors and has co-CEOs: Andrew Formica from Henderson and Dick Weil from Janus.

Henderson has delisted from the London Stock Exchange, but the combined company shares still trade in Australia.

The company $331 billion (£297 billion) of assets under management, as at March 31, and a market capitalisation of about $6 billion.

The board has 12 directors, eight of them non-executive. The directors are:

  • Richard Gillingwater, chairman
  • Glenn Schafer, deputy chairman
  • Andrew Formica , co-CEO
  • Richard Weil, co-CEO

(The rest are all non-executive directors)

  • Sarah Arkle
  • Kalpana Desai
  • Jeffrey Diermeier
  • Kevin Dolan
  • Eugene Flood Jr.
  • Lawrence Kochard
  • Angela Seymour-Jackson
  • Tatsusaburo Yamamoto

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