Hanetf and GGI Funds launch healthcare innovation ETF

World Funds SmallLondon-based investment platform Hanetf has joined forces with Gins Global Index Funds to launch an exchange-traded fund (ETF) concentrating on innovation in the healthcare industry.

Tracking the Indxx Advanced Life Sciences & Smart Health Care Thematic Index, the fund allows investors to “gain exposure to companies at the forefront of healthcare innovation from both developed and emerging markets.”

The HAN-GINS Indxx Healthcare Ucits ETF (WELL) fund will be available on the London Stock Exhange, Borsa Italiana and Xetra via Hanetf’s “unique” white label ETF platform – “Europe’s first dedicated independent third-party platform,” according to the firm’s website.

For this ETF, innovation is key. “Constituents must generate a majority of their revenues from innovative healthtech sectors including bioinformatics, bioengineering, genome sequencing, healthcare trackers, nanotechnology, neuroscience, robotics and medical devices,” the company states.

“Healthcare advances over the past 100 years have dramatically increased human lifespans and reduced the risk of death from communicable diseases like malaria or influenza,” says Anthony Ginsberg, founder and managing director of Gins Global Index Funds.

“Technology and healthcare are now combining to create a faster, safer and more personalised generation of diagnostics, treatments and medicines.”

WELL is the third ETF from Gins Global to be launched via HANetf’s white label platform. According to Hanetf, current constituents have a combined market capitalisation of €733 billion.

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