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Fulcrum launches climate change fund

Climate_changeLondon-based Fulcrum Asset Management has launched an actively-manged climate change fund.

The Fulcrum Climate Change Fund is a thematic, long-only, diversified global equity fund, aligned with the Paris Agreement target of keeping global temperature rise this century below 2 degrees Celsius.

At launch assets under management in the fund are expected to be £70 million (€78 million).

The fund is expected to hold between 150-200 stocks invested across 25 themes, with no company in the portfolio having a higher temperature impact than 2.5 degrees.

Fulcrum chief executive Andrew Stevens said: “We believe that we have a unique opportunity here to bring to the market something that could have a real effect on climate change mitigation while still providing diversified exposure to the global equity market.”

The firm has worked with environmental transition experts, Iceberg Data Lab, to create a product that aims to be in line with science-based international best practice.

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