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French funds ranked highly on climate performance

CO2_reducingFrench strategies lead the way in climate performance, according to a report by research firm CDP which ranked global equity funds in terms of their impact on the environment.

The ranking is based on ‘Climetrics’ methodology, which rates funds on issues such as emissions, managing water resources, and tackling deforestation.

Equity funds sold by Swedbank, La Banque Postale, Mirova and Ecofi were among the 15 funds recognised in the second annual Climetrics Fund Awards. Around 17,000 strategies were analysed.

Those funds that made the ranking were generally found to be investing in companies which disclose climate data more comprehensively, as well as show awareness of climate risks, among other criteria.

Nico Fettes, head of Climetrics at CDP, said: “We urgently have to see faster progress among investors to move capital into companies with lower carbon and more sustainable business models. Greater transparency in the fund industry is key to this process.”

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