FCA seeks to democratise bond market for retail investors

London SkyscraperThe Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has taken a significant step towards democratising the bond market with the release of an engagement paper. 

The paper, part of the Public Offers and Admission to Trading regime, focuses on expanding direct access to bonds for retail investors. 

By broadening the investor base, the FCA aims to provide equal opportunities and empower retail investors to participate in the corporate credit market.

A key proposal within the engagement paper is the introduction of dual standards of disclosure for both retail and wholesale investors. 

The FCA's initiative aligns with the growing demand for financial inclusivity and provides retail investors with new avenues for portfolio diversification and growth.

The potential benefits are significant, with listed issuers gaining access to a wider pool of investors, potentially driving liquidity and reducing borrowing costs. 

Retail investors, on the other hand, will have improved access to corporate credit, previously dominated by institutional players. 

The FCA's approach emphasises the importance of regulation working for all market participants while minimising obstacles and costs.

Stakeholders and industry professionals are invited to contribute their feedback during the consultation period, which runs until September 2023.

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