European ETFs enjoyed above average inflows in November

ETFsEuropean exchange-traded funds (ETFs) enjoyed net inflows of €9.5 billion in November, well above the rolling 12-month average of €7.4 billion a month.

According to figures from Thomson Reuters Lipper, overall net inflows into ETFs in Europe stood at €84.4 billion for the eleven months to November.

The figures also show that total assets under management in the European ETF industry rose by the end of November to €627.1 billion, up from €621.9 billion at the end of October.

With inflows of €6.7 billion, equity ETFs posted the highest net inflows of the European ETF industry for November.

The best-selling Lipper global classification for November was Equity US (€2.2 billion), followed by Equity Global (€1.5 billion) and Bond USD Corporates (€1.2 billion).

With inflows of €2.3 billion, iShares was the best-selling ETF promoter in Europe for November, ahead of Xtrackers (€1.3 billion) and Amundi ETF (€1.3 billion).

The ten best-selling funds gathered total net inflows of €4.0 billion during November.

The best-selling ETF for November, iShares’ dollar-denominated Short-Duration Corporate Bond Ucits ETF, accounted for net inflows of €0.6 billion or 5.83% of overall net inflows.

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