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Candriam sets up carbon neutral fund

carbon neutral fundBrussels-based asset manager Candriam has launched a carbon neutral fund aimed at having a positive impact on the climate.

The actively-managed fund will invest in international companies that provide “long-term climate change solutions”, according to the firm.

The Candriam SRI Equity Climate Action fund will operate through a zero net carbon emission strategy by offsetting CO2 emissions of the fund via carbon credits linked to green projects. This will allow investors to “compensate for the carbon impact” of their investments, the firm said.

“As global average temperatures are rising and extreme weather events are increasing, the scientific evidence for climate warming has become unequivocal,” Candriam said in a statement.

“The international community has recognised the need to keep warming below 2°C, which requires a major shift in economic activities and a re-allocation of capital to align with this objective.”

The announcement of the fund launch was timed with World Environment Day in order to “raise awareness” of climate issues.

Koen Popleu, the fund’s lead portfolio manager called climate change “an unprecedented challenge, but also a multi-decade investment opportunity”.

“Investors can join corporates in their response to the environmental challenges by identifying the future leaders of climate change action.”

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