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BNY Mellon targets “cutting edge” healthcare and biotech firms

healthcare_investmentBNY Mellon Investment Management has launched a fund that targets “cutting-edge” innovation in healthcare and biotechnology

The thematic equity fund will invest in companies developing gene therapy, gene editing and gene modulation treatments.

It also invests in biotechnology and healthcare companies that help drive the development of these drugs, according to the firm.

The fund will be managed by Amanda Birdsey-Benson and Matthew Jenkin, co-portfolio managers at Mellon with extensive experience in this area, according to the firm. 

Birdsey-Benson said: “Since the completion of the human genome project in 2003, scientists have worked to discover how these genes are controlled, how they interact, and how they can cause disease. We are now at the precipice of Biotech 2.0, driven by a transformational technology inflection that should only continue to advance.”

New drug classes focused on the genetic level represent the fastest-growing segment of the biopharma industry, the portfolio manager added.

“Furthermore, they represent a shift in the approach to healthcare, going beyond simply treating symptoms and starting to treat at the underlying cause of disease with a potential cure as the goal.”

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