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BNY Mellon launches global cross-asset fund

Global_indexBNY Mellon Investment Management has launched a ‘sustainable real return’ fund, which invests in various asset classes, potentially including commodity exposure.

The firm says the BNY Mellon Sustainable Global Real Return Fund is designed to navigate current global uncertainties by using active management structured around a “stable” core of mainly traditional return-seeking assets and comprising various risk-offsetting positions aimed at dampening volatility.

Suzanne Hutchins, co-portfolio manager of the fund, said: “Taking into consideration all global macroeconomic and geopolitical factors, it is prudent to provide a strategy that aims to protect investors from foreseen risk whilst simultaneously seeking to capitalise on opportunities that have arisen in the midst of this uncertainty.”

Managed by subsidiary Newton Investment Management’s global return team, the strategy will invest in asset classes such as equities, corporate bonds, government bonds, cash and derivatives, and may gain access to other assets such as commodities through tradable securities.

Domiciled in Ireland the fund is available to European investors of various kinds.

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