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Magazine Issues » March 2019

CAMRADATA live activity: Global interest turning Japanese

Global equity trumped global diversified growth as the most searched-for asset class in february, analysis of the camradata live database shows. But Tom Ashford also finds investors looking at Japanese equities with interest.

Global Equity was for the second month in a row the top searched asset class by CAMRADATA Live investors in February 2019. Followed closely by Global Diversified Growth in second place and US Equity in third place.

That said it is interesting to see investors are continuing to search on a broad range of asset classes which reaffirms the wide choices given by investors when asked what they would consider investing in 2019 when responding to CAMRADATA’s recent investment considerations survey.

Whilst we expect equities in general to figure high in our search activity it is worth noting Japanese Equity has seen a lot of search activity recently and interestingly ranks in the top ten for both UK investors and Rest of World (ROW) investors in February 2019. We have also seen much interest in Private Markets since we launched the Private Markets database in CAMRADATA Live with search activity placing it also in the top ten most searched asset class by UK investors in February 2019.

Other stand out asset classes not already mentioned are European Inc. UK Equity, Emerging Markets Equity and Global Corporate Bonds.

The most searched on managers in February 2019 within their relevant manager AuM buckets are Aberdeen Standard Investments, Kames Capital, Fulcrum Asset Management LLP and Psigma Investment Management.

Finally, there were 15 new products added to CAMRADATA Live in February 2019. New products were added to several asset classes including ABS/MBS, Global Broad Bonds, Global Equity, US Equity and Private Markets. Artisan Partners Limited Partnership led the way adding three new products.

CAMRADATA Live allows institutional investors and consultants to explore a vast amount of data very specifically, allowing assessment of over 5,700 investment products, covering over 250 asset class strategies offered by 700+ asset managers.

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Tom Ashford is database support and investment research associate at CAMRADATA, the owner of Funds Europe. All figures are for the one month to February 28, 2019, unless otherwise stated.

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