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Magazine Issues » Jan-Feb 2022

Editorial: Responsible investors

Nick_FitzpatrickModerating a panel of chief executives from some of Europe’s largest asset managers before Christmas gave me the opportunity to ask them about their sense of responsibility for the industry’s role in mitigating the climate emergency.

I’ve no doubt these financial leaders take very personally a feeling of accountability and understand that in some sense, future generations will judge them – not individually, perhaps, but certainly as a cohort.

On a completely different note, what is it about transfer agency that has enabled this much-maligned element of the funds industry to survive for so long? Blockchain was thought to be its nemesis, but despite the exponential change in digital, transfer agency survives.

In this issue I offer a sketch of the TA function and consider what lies at the heart of its resilience. However, it faces an additional challenge as it moves into the cloud. If blockchain doesn’t finish off the transfer agent, perhaps cyber security will.

Nick Fitzpatrick, Group Editor, Funds Europe

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