Mar 28, 2023

AI, ETFs, Chatbot, Benjamin David investigates whether innovative technology such as ChatGPT can play a role in fashioning market-beating exchange-traded funds.

Mar 10, 2023

digital assets, webinar, regulate, regulationIn a recent Funds Europe webinar, our panel debates the need for an appropriately regulated digital assets market and considers what these rules...

Mar 09, 2023

innovation, ETFs, funds, artificial intelligence, AIFrom smart beta products to artificial intelligence, Benjamin David explores the trends shaping the ETF market.

Mar 07, 2023

ESG, Texas, expert, renewables, investmentAmid an ESG backlash, Texas should be recognised for its contribution to renewables, American Century Investments’ Sarah Bratton Hughes tells...

Mar 06, 2023

outsourcing, asset management, news, fraughtNews that Australia’s Link Group is looking to sell a UK subsidiary business that provided external ‘authorised...

Mar 06, 2023

healthcare, private equity, Health and medicine providers can bring tangible benefits to portfolios’ ESG scores. That’s one reason private equity deals are rife in the sector, writes...