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SPONSOREDMastering transition management: Simplifying complex processes for portfolio managers

Mastering Transition Management, simplifying Complex Processes, Portfolio Managers, adjustments, investment portfolios, asset, ESG, risk, control, costs, performance, transparencyWhen adjustments are inevitably made to investment portfolios – such as changes to the manager line-up, the strategic asset allocation, or for incorporating ESG criteria - portfolio managers face a daunting task: How do they manage risk, control costs and maintain investment performance? And how do they provide full transparency for the process?

In today's dynamic investment landscape, mastering transition management is crucial for portfolio managers seeking to navigate the complexities of change. In an upcoming Funds Europe webinar we aim to shed light on effective strategies and best practices for simplifying these complex processes.

The webinar will explore the challenges and opportunities that arise during portfolio transitions, including the crucial decision of when it makes sense to use a specialist to take on these responsibilities. Our expert panel will discuss key considerations, such as risk management, cost control, investment performance, and the importance of maintaining transparency throughout the transition process.

Join us for expert industry insight and we’ll explain the role of a specialist third-party transition manager, examine how a transition manager can add value, judge when it makes sense to use one, and equip you with the knowledge and tools to successfully navigate portfolio transitions in an ever-changing market environment.

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