Roundtables & Panels

ROUNDTABLE: Jack of all trades?

Dec 07, 2018

Our expert panel discuss recent developments and trends in multi-asset investing and ponder the way forward for this most popular of asset classes.

ETFS ROUNDTABLE: An active debate

Nov 28, 2018

Following its recent launch of an active product, JP Morgan’s head of ETFs joined our roundtable to discuss active funds in the ETF format. The panel also discusses zero-fees and other ETF developments.

SMART BETA ROUNDTABLE: What’s in a name?

Sep 20, 2018

The use of smart beta strategies continues to grow, says our expert panel, but do investors understand what they are and when they should be used?

ESG ROUNDTABLE: ‘It’s becoming part of the DNA’

Sep 19, 2018

Our panel discusses the rise of ESG investing post-financial crisis, the right level of scrutiny and developments in an ever-changing landscape. Chaired by Romil Patel in London.


Sep 12, 2018

Who or what will make climate investing more mainstream? According to our panel, the role of investment consultants will be pivotal.

TECHNOLOGY ROUNDTABLE: The innovation game

Jun 07, 2018

Our technology experts engage in lively debate on collaboration, disruption, innovation and those tricky millennials. Chaired by Nicholas Pratt.