Roundtables & Panels

New York roundtable: The better side of Wall Street

Dec 17, 2019

Our New York panel of experts discusses risk, upside, trust in the global industry and the outlook for the years ahead.

Hong Kong roundtable: Crouching opportunities, hidden risks

Dec 17, 2019

Our line-up of experts looks at how the Asian asset management industry is faring compared to its global counterparts in terms of diversity, technology and the market risks that make managing a portfolio challenging right now. Chaired by Romil Patel in Hong Kong.

London roundtable: “They want alternatives, but with the safety of Ucits”

Dec 17, 2019

Investors still struggle with asset allocation due to low real returns from bonds. Also discussed are diversity and model portfolios.

Luxembourg roundtable: Left behind on the journey of life

Nov 15, 2019

Fund managers are trying to move closer to their end investors but, after years of disintermediation, have little customer data and face immense disruption. Our Luxembourg panel discusses tech and the competitive threat.

Roundtable: A “disingenuous” poor press for multi-asset funds?

Oct 18, 2019

No-one genuinely expects multi-asset funds to keep up with equities in strong bull markets, our panel is told. So don’t give up on diversification.

Roundtable: Impact challenge: Striking the SDG framework

Sep 25, 2019

Our panel of experts discusses simultaneously generating positive impact and attractive returns, their core investment themes and how impact investing can be done across different asset classes.