Roundtables & Panels

ESG roundtable: The Deliveroo of ESG

May 11, 2022

ESG events that have captured attention in the past year, and the evolution of attitudes to ESG-based returns, are two topics our expert panellists discuss.

Roundtable: The digital transformation opportunity

Apr 22, 2022

The funds industry is looking at adopting new types of technology, from automation to ESG reporting, blockchain and tokenisation. A FundsTech roundtable in March explored how these will revolutionise the sector.

Roundtable: Achieving personalisation at scale

Apr 22, 2022

The lines between asset and wealth management are continually blurring. A Funds Europe panel debated the operational impact of this convergence and what firms can do to enable personalised services at scale.

ETFs roundtable: ESG has wound itself into ETFs

Mar 09, 2022

European Ucits-regulated ETFs are gaining sales outside of Europe. Why? Because they have good ESG credentials, thanks in part to the SFDR. Our ETF roundtable discusses ESG, distribution and other topics in the ETF market.

Luxembourg jurisdiction roundtable: Alternatives in the Grand Duchy

Mar 08, 2022

With the growing maturity of the AIF sector and the implementation of the Capital Markets Union, Luxembourg faces a changing landscape. our expert panel discusses these developments, and the growth of climate investing.

Luxembourg specialist fund administration roundtable: New frontiers

Mar 08, 2022

With investors allocating greater sums to private assets, we ask our panel of specialist fund administrators in Luxembourg about the great weight of institutional capital said to be heading their way.