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Supplements » FundTech Winter 2020

FundTech Awards 2020: Development & innovation awards

Winner – Diligence Vault

Winner_DiligenceVaultThis cloud-based, two-sided digital diligence platform is designed to address data and workflow issues between asset owners, consultants and asset managers. Diligence Vault’s platform enables both sides to exchange information quickly, ensures collaboration between internal groups and keeps an audit trail of all interactions. Furthermore, the product allows for virtual meetings, thereby cutting the need for travel. While the firm has been operating since 2014 in the US, it has only entered the European market this year, having opened its London office in April 2020. In this short time, it has built an impressive list of clients and garnered some glowing testimonials.

Shortlisted – Axyon AI; Think Evolve Solve

Winner – SESAMm

Winner_SESAMmThe French fintech specialises in the use of big data and AI to measure and analyse the sentiments and emotions driving financial markets.

SESAMm has developed a core product, SignalReveal, a machine learning (ML) engine that uses 2 million sources of traditional, alternative and proprietary datasets to create predictive signals and investment strategies. It is used by a number of asset managers and hedge funds.

The solution is one of a number of AI products that have embraced the ‘explainable AI’ concept and the move away from black boxes, in that its models and Python source code are fully transferable to clients.

Shortlisted – Opus Nebula; SharingAlpha; Axyon AI

– Axyon AI

This Italian-based fintech has made excellent use of AI technology to deliver solutions specifically designed for asset managers. Its flagship product, Axyon IRIS, uses a proprietary AI platform and deep learning technology to deliver forecasts on asset performance and risk management.

The judges recognised its work with Italian firm Cassa di Compensazione & Garanzia (CC&G) to develop a tool to detect anomalies in the option prices traded in the Italian stock market. It also provides extensive support, having deployed the IRIS platform on the CC&G infrastructure to prevent any possibility of data leakage; and to process and analyse CC&G’s proprietary data and provide a detailed description of the platform’s performance. This can be used to ensure the continuous retraining of the AI-based models.

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